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Yutong Eurobus - Quality - Comfort - Liability



City bus
City bus 12 Meter low entry
Layout ZK6126HGA

Pure Electric City Bus
Layout ZK6128BEVG

Intercity bus 9 & 12 Meter
Layout ZK6938HQ 9m
Layout ZK6121HQ 12,4m

10 Meter passenger bus
9 Meter passenger bus
Layout ZK6938HQ

10 Meter VIP bus

12m passenger bus high deck


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Service information

Cummings engine. All engines in the Yutong busses are manufactured by Cummins in England.

It is very easy to get spare parts for these engines all over Europe.  Click on their link to see that there will be no problem to get spare parts if the unlikely event that you will need one:



ZF gear boxes, transmission, stearing and axles. All gear boxes, transmissions and axles in Yutong Eurobus are ZF gear boxes that are manufactured in Germany.  The stearing system is also usually from ZF and it is very simple to get all spare parts needed all over Europe as you can see in this link:



Wabco braking system. Breaking systems are from Wabco ABS and spare parts are easily available in Europe. Please have a look at their impressive net of suppliers:



Body parts, windshields and other parts are in every country that Yutong Eurobus has sold any cars to.  On top of that we intend to establish  a central spare part stock located in Kiel, Germany.  There for if for some reason the faulty part is not on stock in the country is located, it will be shipped so it has arrived within 24 hours to any country in Europe.


Guarantee.  Yutong Eurobus offers a 2 year guarantee on all busses or up to 200.000 km, which ever comes first.



Yutong Eurobus focuses on developing commercial vehicles, providing comfortable and safe products with maximum customer value.
Relying on the bodywork and chassis techniques low floor city bus in Europe, Yutong City Bus passes the field test of road conditions in many countries and combines economy, reliability, security and comfort, while also greatly improving the operation efficiency.
Intercity 9m with Cummins engine EURO VI and 12m with DAF engine EURO VI.
The rigid bus body structure and steady performance sufficiently ensures the operation safety that can create more profit. Through strict control of each step in design and production, Yutong reduces the maintenance rate and cost efficiently while bringing you long-term value in return.
  • The interior of the bus is designed to greatly satisfy the passengers demand for luxury, well being and comfort
  • Warm and fragrant interior trim
  • Comfortable seats
  • Cozy and pleasant space and feeling of well being

VIP - 10 Meter Bus

Yutong Eurobus offers a VIP Bus which is tailor made for each client.
12 Meter Bus (high decker) EURO VI
EU homologation in process until 2015. 









Authoritative Certification, World Recognition


Various industry awards are the best indication of Yutong buses quality


TS16949 Certification


ISO/TS16949 is a high-level standard based on the ISO9001:2000 standast issued by IATF(Itnertational Autmotive Task Force) on behalf of ISO and the special recuirements of vehicle industry.  Yutong bus has been awarded this certification, which proves that Yutong has reached top world manufacturing technologies to guarantee the quality control if its buses.


CSO Certification


As one of the most important certifications abroad, GSO (GCC standardization organization) is valid for all member countries.  Winning this certification indicates that Yutong has the strength to make its products meet the reauirements of the GCC market.



U.S. DOT Certification


DOT certification is one compulsory certification for the U.S. national quality inspection.  All products to be exported to America can not enter its marked without this certification.  Yutong is the first Chinese bus company winning U.S. DOT certification with the model ZK6831DA.  By receiving this certification Yutong has entered the American Market.